Mix Amylo is an musician, artist writer and composer from London and currently based in Spain.
Her first book, 'six months backwards', has just been released and is available on Amazon; this diary of love and grief takes the reader on a very personal journey through tragedy and loss. She includes artwork, poetry, dreams and thoughts about music in her writings.
As a musician (piano, sax, clarinet, voice) she was a session player in London for many years, alongside always writing and recording her own music, either solo or as a collaboration.
As a visual artist, she has taken part in countless exhibitions, and has developed a signature style of black and white highly-detailed surrealism.

Mix Amylo News

Week Four of Spanish Lockdown

Friday 3rd April My dreams are even more vivid than usual, populated mainly by people I have lost in real life, swirlings of journeys that never end and stories that never finish. The worlds I visit in them are lighter […]

Week Three of Spanish Lockdown

Friday 27th March Two weeks since the announcement of the state of emergency. I take the bins out sporting a very fine orange mask, fashioned for me by my lovely neighbour. Never in my life did I think I’d be […]

Week Two of Spanish Lockdown

Hi again. I hope you’re healthy and staying vaguely sane. Or insane, if that’s preferable. Which it often is. So, two weeks have already passed. Time is doing the opposite of slowing down, strangely. Week two of staying at home […]

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