Mix Amylo is an musician, artist writer and composer from London and currently based in Spain.
Her first book, 'six months backwards', has just been released and is available on Amazon; this diary of love and grief takes the reader on a very personal journey through tragedy and loss. She includes artwork, poetry, dreams and thoughts about music in her writings.
As a musician (piano, sax, clarinet, voice) she was a session player in London for many years, alongside always writing and recording her own music, either solo or as a collaboration.
As a visual artist, she has taken part in countless exhibitions, and has developed a signature style of black and white highly-detailed surrealism.

Mix Amylo News

Two new songs out online

Two more songs from the forthcoming EP ‘normal isn’t’ are now available online. To listen to ‘end of you’ click here. To listen to ‘gone by first light’ click here.

Group exhibition ‘Diálogos’- May 1-12, Molvízar

Eight artists – Kitty Harri, José Vera, Emma Plunkett, Mix Amylo, Ánxela Meilán, Gareth Lister, Wes Somerville and Jane Kleinschmit, from Spain, Germany, Canada and England, will be showing works in this new exhibition, opening Wednesday May 1st, in the […]

new song release – ‘default setting’

This new song gives a glimpse into the dark, disturbing, lonely and chaotic place that can become the default setting of loss… lyrics ‘my room keeps letting in the dark… it gets harder and harder to keep on leaving the […]

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