Cosy, cute cave house in Granada

A unique place to stay. Situated in the historic, flamenco-filled district of Sacromonte, just beyond the old city wall, you find yourself surrounded by spectacular views of the hills, the abbey of Sacromonte, up the valley towards mountains, and the Alhambra palace just around the corner. Although it feels like you’re in countryside, it’s only 10 minutes walk to either the plazas and shops of the moorish Albayzin district, or 15 minutes to the centre (Plaza Nueva, for example).

The inside of the cave is comprised of an entrance room/dining area, bedroom with double bed, living room with single bed, kitchen and bathroom.

Living room (first photo taken using panorama effect to capture the whole space)


Piano and TV corner of the living room

Entrance into living room

Entrance room/dining area, seen from bathroom

Entrance room/dining area, with living room through to left, and bathroom and kitchen (panoramic photo)

Kitchen and bathroom


The bedroom (second photo is taken with a panoramic setting, so it looks larger than it is)

Bedroom – photo taken from the head of the bed (also with panorama effect)

Large window and entrance to bedroom

The outside of the cave has a terrace with sun loungers, table, parasol (and washing machine!)




Then there is the steep, terraced garden, full of fantastic lookout points, two Peruvian pepper trees, and two wooden cabins.

The larger cabin at the top, the Ping Palace, has a foldout single bed, a bunk bed, lots of art, and a great porch area with chairs and views of the Alhambra. The porch gets the afternoon light, a nice sunspot once the sun has left the terrace area just outside the cave.


The smaller one, the Whoosh Wing, is a multi-coloured chillout space, that feels like a treehouse. Perfect for relaxing with a book, writing, meditating.

Whoosh Wing seen from the terrace outside the cave

Views from the cave


Things to bear in mind:

This is a home, rather than a rental property, so it’s filled with books, pictures, and personal things.

Access – it’s a hilly area, with cobbled lanes and paths, and steps, so be prepared to walk a bit. Good for the thighs… not so good in stilettos…

No parking by the cave, but there’s a free (huge) parking area by San Miguel Alto above, and you can walk down in 5-10 minutes to the cave from there using little footpaths or a wider track.

The cave is situated on a little path, and is approx. 150m from an epic ‘mirador’ (lookout point) overlooking the Alhambra and the city. There are no street lights for the last 100m of the path, so you’ll need a torch.

The cave is open plan, with no doors apart from the front door. It’s an intimate space in terms of the bathroom, but there’s a curtain for privacy.

Sometimes it’s the most peaceful of barrios (neighbourhoods), and is quiet at night, and other times there’s a bit of a rumpus (nearby music, dogs, ‘interesting’ characters), but it’s a great place, with tons of walking trails all around, and bars and tablaos (flamenco venues) on the road below (Camino de Sacromonte). There’s a bus (34) that stops on the Camino, and you can also get taxis to and from the centre – approx. 5 mins walk up to the cave from the road below.

How the cave looked before it got made into a home (I think around 2003):

And an old photo, showing the situation of the cave (on the right, with a plastic roof over the terrace which isn’t there anymore, and before the trees were planted! All looks very different now…)

More info on the area of Sacromonte here

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