six months backwards – book release

This week Mix Amylo’s book ‘six months backwards’ is released as a paperback and Kindle, through Amazon.

Originally a blog, written from April 1st to September 30th in 2017, it has the original concept of moving backwards in time; the beginning of the book starts six months after the event that transformed her life, and ends by recounting that fateful day.

A diary of love and grief, this very personal journey through loss includes artwork, poetry, remembered dreams and musings on music.


Reactions to ‘six months backwards’:

‘Beautifully written, very moving and a privilege to read. It makes you want to re-evaluate some of the things in your own life.’

‘For those of you who need a reminder of what it feels like to ride the roller coaster of real life loss and heartache grab yourself a copy of this, and while you’re there grab the whole box of tissues too.’