Mix Amylo

Group exhibition ‘Diálogos’- May 1-12, Molvízar

Eight artists – Kitty Harri, José Vera, Emma Plunkett, Mix Amylo, Ánxela Meilán, Gareth Lister, Wes Somerville and Jane Kleinschmit, from Spain, Germany, Canada and England, will be showing works in this new exhibition, opening Wednesday May 1st, in the beautiful new exhibition space in Molvízar museum.

intertwined – artwork

Recently finished – a commission for an artist friend; ‘intertwined’ weaves individual dreamscapes together to form a complex new world.

‘out of the hole’ – the creative process – new artwork

A new, very personal work; from a deep, dark hole come, eventually, possibilities: ways to emerge, escape despair and its painful clutches, and choose which way forward. ‘Out of the hole’ – acrylic paint on wood. Dedicated to Claire Maclean (Clarabaza).