Mix Amylo


Mix Amylo is an English writer from London, often based in the mountainous region of Las Alpujarras in the south of Spain. Also a musician, singer-songwriter, artist and composer, ‘six months backwards’ is her first book. Not one that she wanted to write, it is a diary of her journey through the grieving process after losing her love, told in reverse.

She is currently working on a collection of short stories.

Six Months Backwards

It was a languid late summer afternoon beside the Mediterranean; a lazy day, a day when nothing happens. But something did happen.

The love of her life was lost.

It was a sudden, tragic accident, and life was upended, irreparably torn apart. He was woven into the tapestry of her life with seemingly unbreakable thread, and she was undone, broken.

Unable to make sense of her loss, she was without words during that terrible winter. Then six months after it happened she began writing a blog, working back day by day to that fateful moment.

Navigating her way through the nightmare of grief, this incredibly personal journey includes artwork, poetry, remembered dreams and musings on music. Each date is at once a step closer to the horror of that day, and a step further away, as she reveals how creativity and her circle of love are saving her.

This is her story, told backwards.